11-10 Workout

Going to be doing a lot more raw squatting for a while until I am satisfied with my numbers plus I am getting frustrated with the technique adjustment with wearing briefs.

Maybe I am best served as a raw lifter, who knows. I’ll most likely compete in both, have fun and get let the chips fall where they may.

Doing some moderate weight squats until I am ready to amp up the intensity some more.

Cambered bar squats
55 x 10
55 x 8
145 x 8
235 x 5
285 x 5
325 x 3
375 x 3
415 x 4 x 2

GHD Raises
4 x 6

Gotta start doing these more, slacked on these for a while

270 x 3 x 10

250 x 3 x 10

Reverse Lunges
3 x 8

Hanging Leg Raises
3 x 10


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