10-30 workout

After consulting with my training partner, Augie, who by the way has a nice little pro total so he kind of knows what he is doing we both decided on a course of action for my lower body lifts.

Squats will be on their own day and deadlifts will be separate, instead of doing both in one day we decided it would be best to split them up in training and here is the kicker… we are going to stop pulling heavy from the floor but instead focus on speed and building my strength up further using various good mornings.

The reason for this is my lack of speed off the floor, its glaring and it kills me when the bar gets heavy, this needs to be fixed in order for progress to continue.

DE DL with light short bands
135 x 2 x 2
185 x 4 x 2
205 x 3 x 2

I am starting light to ensure I am building up enough power instead of putting too much on and making it a heavy day.

225 x 3 x 8

Using this exercise to strengthen my hammies and lower back some more

Pendlay Rows
225 x 3 x 8

I have been doing bent over rows for so long, but I feel this row is superior for my specific needs.

Lat Pulldowns
150 x 3 x 10

Just to get some reps in

45 degree back extension with 45#
3 x 10


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