I’m ranting and raving

Ok, since I left the fitness industry behind (joyfully) I feel cleansed of the idiocy surrounding some of the shit I see out there online and in front of my face.

Let’s talk about a few things that people need to get bitch-slapped over…

1. Trainers not coaching

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have seen people doing bench presses and not touching the chest, squatting on their toes, lat pulldowns as an explosive rowing exercise and many more. This is all done under the “expert” eyes of a certified and insured personal trainer. Shit like this makes me cringe.

2. One size fits all programming

Ok, I am not referring to CrossFit. I am referring to trainers that do the same goddamn thing for every goddamn client. You know the ones… leg days always consist of leg press, hack squats, leg extensions, leg curls, calf raises and some butt blaster things. Never once do you see them squatting with a bar on their back, never do you see them deadlifting but you do see a shitload of bicep curls.

3. The internet

I keep track of my workout online because its organized and I have 4 followers who actually gave a shit enough to sign up to occasionally read. I have an average of 20 hits per blog post so by no means am I even remotely a “player” online, I don’t care who reads it, who comments, I don’t fish for it and I don’t give a fuck, this is done for me and me only. I don’t take videos of myself lifting and post them online, nor will I ever do that again unless its at a meet. Nobody cares about your lifts in the gym, the platform is filled with guys who hit PR’s all over the place in the gym but choke at meets. I’ve historically trained much worse than I perform, meaning I save my best for competition.

If you are a sponsored lifter, by a REAL company like EFS etc., these rules don’t apply to you. You are sponsored and you have to have a certain amount of online pimping to do your thing, but even still most of them do it with dignity, class and actually have good numbers.

When I see idiots giving themselves hardcore sounding nicknames like Pitbull, Rhino, Gorilla, etc. and posting videos with shit form calling it a PR, posting videos of bent over rows or curls, I want to stab them in the adam’s apple. You are a grown-ass man, you don’t need to search for validation. The only validation you need is when you compete and you hit some numbers, not from your idiot internet followers who never met you in person and not from the people commenting on your blog.

4. Hypocrites

Now I will talk about CrossFit because this has a huge part to do with this…

There have been people who openly talk shit on CrossFit and then attend CF events, still train using that idiot style and MAKE MONEY from people in CF with seminars and merchandise. It takes a special kind of fence-sitter to do that. I mean a few of those people were involved in some very public shit with CF and they have been sighted at the CF Games and still run CF classes at their excommunicated-no-longer-named-crossfit-gym.

Really? Do you have to latch on to something that you claim not to like and kicked you out because of your mouth?

Those people are pathetic, no matter how “famous” they are or how much money they make off the backs of something they don’t like, they are laughable.

Grow a set of balls and leave behind the shit you say you don’t want to be a part of instead of catering to them and playing both sides of the fence, pussies.


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