First day in a bench shirt

It went well considering this was the first time I ever put one of these on. Luckily I have a good crew of experienced pros to help me with all the finer points of it, without them I would never have even attempted it.

165 x 3
231 x 3
275 x 2
319 x 2
335 x 2
385 x 1
Shirt on to a 3 board
429 x 2
473 x 2
501 x 1
First time I ever had 500 above my face. I have benched 450 in my twenties when I was above 300# and a fat fuck but this isn’t then and once I really learn how to use this I can see my numbers rising. 
3 board close grip press
275 x 13
Reverse grip bent rows
135 x 15
225 x 10
245 x 2 x 10
Light band tricep pressdowns
50 total reps
Light back pull-aparts
100 total reps


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