The improvements are coming fast

Today we were down a couple guys because they are resting up for this weekend’s Pro/Am meet so it was just four of us doing squats and deads.

After I worked hard on my wide stance squat on Sunday on my own I had a chance to have it critiqued by one of our elite lifters, and needless to say it got his stamp of approval.

So I am going up in weight slowly until my form breaks down and taking it step by step so I don’t rush into pushing too much too fast but instead working up in a sensible manner.

Still squatting to a box slightly above parallel, about 3/4″ above.

There are those that rush into new form quickly without a good supporting cast and have a bunch of yes men saying “nice shit, bro”. I don’t want that, the sole reason I chose to work with this group of lifters is because they will tell me what I am doing wrong and they have the experience to really let me know what I need to do and I am swallowing my ego greatly doing this. Its the only way to be better.

121 x 2 x 3
241 x 2 x 3
285 x 2 x 2
307 x 2
325 x 2
351 x 2
385 x 2
417 x 2
417 x 1

I stopped there today and the last set was perhaps my best one. That weight felt easy and fast but due to the volume and the fact that I didn’t want to go any heavier before the motor pattern is set in stone I stopped.

Speed deadlifts off jump stretch platform with mini bands:
135 x 2 x 3
185 x 3 x 2
225 x 5 x 1

GHD Situps
25 x 10
10 x 10


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