What is a gym?

A gym is a place to train, its weights, machines (that shouldn’t really be used often), locker rooms, showers and people. It is nothing more than a building filled with goals and missed goals.

A gym doesn’t make you or break you.

If Louie Simmons named his place Pink Buttercup Barbell the results would still be the same but you wouldn’t see a plethora of merchandise sales unless Samson Street in Philadelphia started selling their shit. The results would be the same because of Louie and the people that train there. They could get rid of the name altogether and just be known as “that place in Columbus” and it wouldn’t matter.

The training partners and the atmosphere YOU create make the gym.

I spent almost my entire training career in “globo gyms”. During that time I set some good PR’s, played rugby, had a professional football workout, trained some excellent athletes such as nationally ranked swimmers with verifiable times, a 14 year old pitching prospect with a close to 90 MPH fastball, helped several kids go from bench warmers to varsity just by increasing strength and GPP (not CrossFit idiots), helped older trainers with bad knees and backs have a new lease on life and much more.

I watched and learned from some of the best in the business, one of whom is a well-known writer for EFS who grudgingly taught me a lot of what I know with his subtle lessons…. well not so fucking subtle and a lot of insults, but it all worked the same.

Currently I am at a “globo gym” and I train with 3 elite lifters and two of them are travelling to the Pro/Am this Saturday to compete. Its a gym that has people with bad form, people who never improve because of their lack of using proper training, but its also a place where you see some very fit individuals, some bodybuilding champions and a strongman crew that has one pro and a couple others who are on their way. Its a place where people are trying to be better than they were last month and last year.

Some will have you believe that globo gyms are the bane of gym existence, but….

Some of the greatest lifters and athletes in the world have come from those gyms. Not the Planet Fitness and low-priced big-box gyms, but the ones that welcome hard training, heavy lifting and embrace training the way it was meant to be.

A gym is just a building, forget the name on the door and forget what those people say that look down their noses at those places. If YOU are getting results and YOU have found your training nirvana, who gives a flying fuck where its at.

Whether its your backyard, garage, warehouse, storage shed or the local 20,000 square foot facility.. your results are in your hands and a gym isn’t going to magically give you that.

As I write this I am getting ready for bed, I have to be up early for work, come home and go to my local globo where I will go to the corner where the monolift, competition bench and Ivanko calibrated plates are and train with the team as we do squats and deadlifts. We create our own atmosphere and a gym isn’t going to change that.

If you allow a gym to define you, you already lost.


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2 thoughts on “What is a gym?

  1. Brilliant Post. Wish my “Globo” had the same attitude and let you just train without all the bullshit. Some decent lifters there…I say decent as in they can move some decent lifts. They are the worst in there though…wouldn’t help you out or lift with you regardless if it will help you or them. And you’re right, YOU make the gym…having assholes there just make your accomplishments THAT much greater when they’re still stuck and going no where.

  2. Exactly, and I will say that you were one of my best training partners for sure.

    I had some great gains training with you and its a shame it had to end.


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