Heat kills a good workout

In the middle of a brutal heat wave and being that I work in the Electrical industry, I don’t have the comfort of working in air conditioning or taking a breather from the heat as many of us who work in the elements.  We suck it up and the price is paid at times but such is life and such is what we do.  No complaints but I fully expect that some of my workouts in weather like this will out and out suck.

Wednesday wasn’t so bad, it was upper body accessory day.

DB Rows
150 x 5
150 x 3 x 10

30 total reps

Underhand lat pulldowns
130 x 12
190 x 10

JM Press
135 x 12
185 x 3 x 10

Average band pullaparts
50 total reps

Today’s workout sucked, the heat drained me, I didn’t eat enough because of it and I stopped way lighter than I wanted to because I wasn’t feeling it.  Was going to do speed deads with my heavy squats but my energy was sapped so I left after my last set to just go home and cool off.

ME Squat
Bar x 5
Bar x 5
165 x 3
165 x 3
241 x 3
285 x 2
351 x 2
395 x 2
407 x 1
439 x 1

Wanted to go up to 480+ today but wasn’t feeling it…

Bad workouts happen, life goes on.


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