We exist in a world where being uncomfortable isn't a necessity, where physicality isn't needed in order to survive, and where our entire life can be spent in relative comfort without testing what you are made of as a human being. Athletes and those who train challenge themselves with their actions, their sport, and their goals. We are all capable of harnessing the primal side of what makes us humans and harnessing that into our own version of physical excellence. It's time to get up and do shit.


Former Superleague Rugby Prop/Lock. Former competitive Strongman. Owner of Kansas City Barbell. I believe in pushing you outside your comfort zone in order to challenge you to reach your fullest potential as a human being. Whether or not you are a competitor, an athlete, or someone who just wants to improve; I customize a program and ensure you are striving for greatness.


Performance is about optimal fitness, cardiovascular health, and physical preparedness. The field of sport has specific demands just as your life has specific needs. Learn how to perform better

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Strength Training improves your performance, aesthetics, health, and physical ability. Learn how to train for optimal results, full-body balance, and improve your ability to move.

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Strength and Performance without proper nutrition is removing a critical component to your program. Proper nutritional planning will ensure you are maximizing your training, results, and recovery.

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"You are responsible for your own results, take ownership of them"


All remote coaching packages come with unlimited contact via email or text, phone calls as needed. A comprehensive QA form will be sent to you where we will discuss your goals, needs, equipment availability, injury history, and formulate a plan for you to meet those needs.


Customized Plan

Delivered Weekly via True Coach

Video analysis, on the fly program tweaks as needed

Monthly/12 weeks/6 months/Yearly packages available


12 Week Minimum to start

Customized for your eating style with a mandatory weekly accountability form

Weight loss, muscle gain, performance nutrition

12 weeks/6 months/Yearly packages available

Training and Nutrition

Training and Nutritional planning together

Ideal for competitors or busy professionals

12 weeks/6 months/Yearly packages available