About A.S.S.

Ashman Strength System is owned and operated by Jay Ashman.

Susanne Kimball and Jay

Training Philosophy

Three things make up every training program:

  • Strength
  • Aesthetics
  • Cardiovascular training/Fitness

How much of each depends upon your goals.

From powerlifting to bodybuilding to sports performance to general fitness to weight loss, Ashman Strength has the experience, knowledge, and skills to help you reach those goals.

Sports Performance

Endurance, speed, power, strength. Be prepared to play by using Ashman Strength to help you achieve those off-season goals and in-season benchmarks.

Ashman Strength has worked with:

  • Professional and High School pitchers on Long Island
  • D1 football athletes in Ohio
  • State Championship football teams
  • Wrestlers
  • Rugby players

Personal Accomplishments

  • Rugby player culminating in a starting position on Old Blue’s Superleague side in the mid-2000’s as a Tighthead Prop/Lock
  • Professional Football workout in 1998
  • Competitive strongman from late 1990’s to 2010, never finishing below 4th

Jay has spoken at the Denison University Strength and Conditioning Conference as well as the Putting it all Together Seminar with Dan John.

He is certified through ISSA as a CPT, Strength and Conditioning, and Sports Nutrition.

What you can expect from training with A.S.S.

  • Education

Learn how to lift with proper form and understand why we choose exercises we do. All questions are appreciated and answered to the best of my ability. As a coach it is my job to teach so you can use this information to your benefit when you eventually decide to train on your own

  • Accountability

I monitor rest periods and push you to be better. I know that every day isn’t going to be a perfect workout, but I expect your best on that day.

  • Nutrition

A large part of training is learning how to eat for your needs. If you want to lose fat, I will set you up on a plan which will cater to those needs. If you want to get bigger, we will ensure you gain muscle and

Valerie Sebestyn and Jay

not excess fat. If your goals are solely performance based, we will have you fuel your body optimally for that goal.


  • “Homework”

I use an app called Train Heroic where I will set you up with workouts on days we are not together. I prefer people to workout 3-4 days a week because your goals are important to you, and to me. This app will be your phone workout log for you to view those workouts on days we are not together in the gym. I also provide spreadsheets for nutrition plans and a sheet to send back to me which will tell me how you are complying with it. All of this helps me provide you with the best possible service for the money you spend.

You pay for results, and it is my job to provide you with those results. Together they are possible, and I will do anything I can to help you achieve them.

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