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Negative advertising

Everyone else is below average compared to you.

Everyone else’s diet plan is secondary to you.

Everyone else’s training plan and implementation is not nearly as good as yours.

Everyone else’s clients do not work nearly as hard as yours do.

If that was the case, the training world would be filled with a lot of Alpha males and Alpha clients, correct?

It isn’t. It is filled with braggadocio and fragile egos who can’t help but look beyond their scope of vision to criticize what others’ do. It is full of egomaniacs who think their way is going to transcend […]

Compliance with diet isn’t a dirty word

This seems like an obvious thing, doesn’t it? You’d be surprised how difficult it is to grasp this concept for many.

Unless you are one of the genetically blessed individuals who can get away with some tracking leeway on what you put into your mouth, there is a damn good chance you are going to have to get accustomed to doing what a lot of people hate to do – which is tracking your food intake.

But why calorie counting? Doesn’t food quality matter more? Paleo means it is all “clean” food so that should work, right?

Much has been […]

What I miss about gym culture…

I consider myself lucky to have crossed generations of gym culture from the late 80’s to the present day. During this time I have seen a shift from what used to be to what is now. To avoid the trap of “back in my day” because “back in my day” wasn’t always better physically, I have noticed a mental shift from then to now.

Gone are the days of most people just showing up and doing work, it isn’t enough anymore for a large number of people. Now we have to be attached to a program, a training style, a […]

A month of free training for anyone who reads this – yes, I am telling the truth

Caught your attention, didn’t it?

But I am not lying to you. I am going to write up a month of free training that is a sample template of what I used to train Kenton as he prepped for his first class win as a men’s physique competitor.

How is this different from your usual “chest day, back day, arm day” stuff you see others take part in?

It is a lot different and it is based around the principles of the Westside Conjugate System with some tweaks in place for more aesthetic work. Instead of a traditional DE day, […]

Specificity is for specialists 

It’s trendy lately to want to be something just to be something. Everyone wants a label. Everyone wants to be called something even if they aren’t. 

You’ll see people debating online on labels like powerlifter, bodybuilder, CrossFitter, strongman, athlete…. but let’s end that here and say if you don’t actively compete in said activity on a competitive level, those labels don’t apply to you. 

There’s nothing wrong with that. The act of participating in training is noble and worthy in itself, and a mere label means nothing in the scheme of things. 

All this brings me to my next point, […]