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Specificity is for specialists 

It’s trendy lately to want to be something just to be something. Everyone wants a label. Everyone wants to be called something even if they aren’t. 

You’ll see people debating online on labels like powerlifter, bodybuilder, CrossFitter, strongman, athlete…. but let’s end that here and say if you don’t actively compete in said activity on a competitive level, those labels don’t apply to you. 

There’s nothing wrong with that. The act of participating in training is noble and worthy in itself, and a mere label means nothing in the scheme of things. 

All this brings me to my next point, […]

I am almost 42 and it’s been one hell of a year

Last year at this time I was about to enter a major health crisis that would radically transform my entire life, little did I know how much it would change me for the better.

Let’s take a quick recap of those events, the quick and the dirty version:

Came down with strep and flu Heart decided to beat overtime Was trying to self diagnose Eventually ended up in ER Atrial Fibrillation which pushed me into CHF Two cardioversions failed Ablation didn’t fail Heart is back in rhythm and has since stayed there, CHF is healing up

A lot of details […]

My path, my rules, my way

It’s been quite a while since I have written anything for this blog. I said several times I wanted to get back on this horse and just deliver content but everything sidetracked me along the way. No excuse for that, just complete and total apathy towards writing in general.

I have been through a ton of changes in the past few months that have changed me for the better. Some of which were completely unexpected, some were cognizant decisions on my part, all of which I embrace fully.

My training has shifted into strictly aesthetic-type training for the time being. […]

Updates and News

I have recently starting reworking the second Ashman Strength System book and it is going very smooth and filled with solid tweaks to the original program such as: template for power athletes, modifying the original template for speed work, less max effort work, bodybuilding style training, and more.

These have been added to give the user a more well-rounded selection to choose from in their own training and allows the template to be further customized across a wide variety of training needs.

This is still a couple months away from completion as it will contain a lot of information to […]

The beginning of my lifting journey by Dan Hentges

For about a year I have been lifting off and on with a fantastic training partner and great friend in Daniel Hentges. Ever since we’ve met he has been a supportive person in my life in ways that describe the meaning of lifelong friend. His dedication to his family, his friends, his lifting, and his stellar character are examples of what it means to be a man in 2016.

Dan is also a lifter for Relentless, constantly surpassing expectations in fund-raising and being a true example of what that mission stands for. He doesn’t take part in it to draw […]