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Ashman Strength is the personal website for Jay Ashman

I am a Kansas City Strength Coach and Personal Trainer who works out of City Gym in Downtown KC and who is the co-founder of Elite Athlete Development.

There are two branches to my training services.

In person work in KCMO at City Gym – we are a boutique type open gym that has an inclusive environment, a crew of trainers (like myself) who are incredibly qualified, and whose owner walks the fitness and strength walk. We give a shit about you. 

Online services through Elite Athlete Development. Team EDev is unique in that we have a staff of coaches, nutritionists, and a Performance Psychology Coach who all work together to give you a package that is damn near unbeatable in this business. Athletes, non-athletes, fitness, weight loss, strength, bodybuilding… we got you covered and this remote/online service is available to those who do not have the capability to train with me in person.

What about me?

What makes me… me?

Intensely spotting a client in OKC

I have been a trainer/coach since the late 90’s. That is quite a while, isn’t it?

I gained mass, I leaned up, I came back from a heart condition and fully recovered.

I played Superleague rugby, had a failed NFL workout (hey, at least I got invited!), competed in Strongman before it was cool, did a few Powerlifting meets, and am now an ex-athlete who just wants to defy the aging process and look great naked.

I trained kids, high school athletes, professional athletes, moms, dads, 50 year old badasses whose work ethic would shame most 20 year old kids…

My gorgeous wife and I on our wedding day in AZ

All I ask of you is one simple thing:

Give me your best

That is it. I don’t care where you start from, I care about your effort.

Your willingness to improve is worth more than you think.

If you are that person, I am here to help you.

In the meantime, have a look around my blog. I have several years of posts for you to get an idea about the kind of man I am.

If you like what you see, contact me and let’s chat.

I want to help you be your best you.

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